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Sunscreen is the most important step in a skincare routine. We can be real quick on this one: Wear it. Every single day. No matter the season. No matter your skin tone. Numerous studies have shown that exposure to the sun increases (the appearance of) fine lines and wrinkles. Added to that, sun exposure causes dark spots, break-outs and acne scarring leaving our skin damaged.  So if you were to take one advice from us, let it be to wear sunscreen. And this plea comes from two people who love(d) to tan. 

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A good skincare routine requires the perfect base. And that is to thoroughly cleanse your face, at least/preferably every night. For this we use the double cleanse method. Simply put: in the same routine, you wash your face twice. First with an oil-based cleanser and after that with a water-based cleanser that has a gelly, foamy or milky consistency. Which cleanser matches your skin type?

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The main reason every skin type should use a moisturizer is to remain a good moisture barrier. We need to keep hydration and water locked in our skin. If we don’t, moisture escapes and our skin becomes dry and/or dehydrated. So yes, all skin types need to moisturize, even the oily ones. Here’s why.

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