All skin types will benefit from a moisturizer. Yes, even the oily ones. The main reason every skin type should use a moisturizer is to maintain a good moisture barrier.

For all skin types

Moisturizers are used after cleansers and before sunscreen. People with oily skin tend to think they do not need a moisturizer, because they already produce enough oils. On the contrary: oily/combination skin can very well be dehydrated and in need of humectants and occlusives to keep the skin balanced. 

One of the most common misconceptions people have around moisturizers is that they turn to a moisturizer to resolve their skin issues. And while this is true to some degree, the main reason every skin type should use a moisturizer is to remain a good moisture barrier. Here’s why (it’s gonna get a bit technical, but don’t leave just yet!):

Trans epidermal water loss

Trans epidermal water loss is the process of water leaving our body. Oftentimes water leaves our body through our skin and through this process our skin loses hydration. This can result into a dry-looking skin and an increase in aging, loss of firmness, noticeable fine lines and dark spots. Simply because of water escaping our body. This is where a moisturizer comes into play. Its’ sole purpose is to keep that water and hydration locked in the skin so you aren’t increasing the risks that come with trans epidermal water loss.

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